MolabIS: a labs backbone for storing, managing and evaluating molecular genetics data. Using paper lab books and spreadsheets to store and manage growing datasets in a file system is inefficient, time consuming and error-prone. Therefore, the overall purpose of this study is to develop an integrated information system for small laboratories conducting Sanger sequencing and microsatellite genotyping projects. To address this, the thesis has investigated the following three issues. First, we proposed a uniform solution using the workflow approach to efficiently collect and store data items in different labs. The outcome is the design of the formalized data framework which is the basic to create a general data model for biodiversity studies. Second, we designed and implemented a web-based information system (MolabIS) allowing lab people to store all original data at each step of their workflow. MolabIS provides essential tools to import, store, organize, search, modify, report and export relevant data. Finally, we conducted a case study to evaluate the performance of MolabIS with typical operations in a production mode. Consequently, we can propose the use of virtual appliance as an efficient solution for the deployment of complex open-source information systems like MolabIS. The major result of this study, along with the publications, is the MolabIS software which is freely released under GPL license at url {}. With its general data model, easy installation process and additional tools for data migration, MolabIS can be used in a wide range of molecular genetics labs.

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