BinClass: A Software Package for Classifying Binary Vectors. User’s Guide. In this document we introduce a software package BinClass for the clas- sification of binary vectors and analysis of the classification results. First we will give brief introduction to the mathematical foundations and theory of clustering, cumulative classification and mixture classification. We also introduce methods for analysis of the classifications including trees (dendro- grams), comparison of the classifications and bootstrapping. A few pseudo- algorithms are presented. These methods are included in the software pack- age. The third and fourth chapters are the user”s guide to the actual software package. Finally a short sample session is presented to give insight into how the software actually works and to illustrate the function of some of the many parameters. Apart from being a user”s guide to the software package, this document can be seen as a review and tutorial to classification methodology of binary data. This is due to extensive research done on the subject at our department.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.