Development of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) toolbox for signal processing applications. Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) plays a significant role in several image and signal processing applications. Most of the researchers are using different wavelet toolboxes for their application and research investigation. In this work, we presented a development of DWT toolbox using Visual Basic 6.5. This starting version of this software package is developed to offer more user friendliness and allow the user to choose different types of wavelet functions from three different wavelet families (Daubechies, Symlet, and Coiflet), and number of decomposition level. This software is also have an ability to plot the frequency spectrum of user specific decomposition level using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and to provide a option for saving the DWT output in either .txt or .xls format for any further investigation. This graphical user interface (GUI) is designed for handling any type of input signal either in offline or online and gives more accurate results over conventional tool boxes.

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