strongSwan is an OpenSource IPsec implementation. It was originally based on the discontinued FreeS/WAN project and the X.509 patch that we developed. In order to have a stable IPsec platform to base the extensions of the X.509 capability on, we decided to launch the strongSwan project in 2005. Since then a new IKE daemon has been written in a modern object-oriented coding style so that the current code base does not share code with its ancestor anymore. Initially that daemon only supported IKEv2, while IKEv1 was handled by an extended version of FreeS/WAN’s pluto daemon. But because adoption of IKEv2 by other vendors took longer than anticipated support for IKEv1 was added to the new daemon with strongSwan 5.0.0. strongSwan originally was designed for Linux, but has since been ported to Android, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows and other platforms.

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