RobotBuilder: a graphical software tool for the rapid development of robotic dynamic simulations. RobotBuilder is a software application that can be used to rapidly develop robotic dynamic simulations. It has an intuitive Windows interface to make it easy to use, but can perform complex simulations. The dynamic calculations are performed by DynaMechs, developed by Scott McMillan. It can simulate tree structures and star topologies with O(n) complexity. It also efficiently simulates robotic articulations with closed-kinematic loops; this capability was developed by Duane Marhefka. RobotBuilder operates in three main modes. The Build mode is used to define the robotic articulation. The user defines the links and their properties, and sees a 3D view of the current robot. The Simulate mode accurately simulates the created model. The control for the Simulate mode is provided by the user in a DLL. This provides a considerable amount of flexibility and enables the user to develop arbitrary control techniques. While the simulation is running, the 3D view shows the animated results. Finally, the Playback mode can be used to view the simulation results in approximately real time.

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