SVM and Kernel Methods Matlab Toolbox. Key Features: SVM Classification using linear and quadratic penalization of misclassified examples ( penalization coefficients can be different for each examples); SVM Classification with Nearest Point Algorithm; Multiclass SVM : one against all, one against one and M-SVM; Large Scale SVM Classification/Regression; SVM epsilon and nu regression; One-Class SVM; Regularisation Networks; SVM bounds (Span estimate, radius/margin); Wavelet Kernel; SVM Based Feature Selection; Kernel PCA; Kernel Discriminant Analysis; SVM Based Feature selection; SVM AUC Optimization (Ranking SVM, ROC SVM) and RankBoost; Kernel Basis Pursuit and Least Angle Regression (LARS) Algorithm; Wavelet Kernel Regression with backfitting; Interface with a version of libsvm.

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