TTSBOX: A MATLAB toolbox for teaching text-to-speech synthesis. TTSBOX is a Matlab toolbox for teaching Text-to-Speech synthesis to undergraduate and graduate students. It was designed with the hope that it can help to increase the personal involvment of students in their TTS courses. I imagined it when teaching TTS in the EPFL post-graduate course in computer science ”Language and Speech Engineering”, and later involved my own graduate students at FPMs (Belgium) in its design. TTSBOX performs the synthesis of Genglish (for ”Generic English”), an imaginary language obtained by replacing English words by generic words. Genglish therefore has a rather limited lexicon, but its pronunciation maintains most of the problems encountered in natural languages. TTSBOX uses simple data-driven techniques (Bigrams, CARTs, NUUs) while trying to keep the code minimal, so as to keep it readable for students with reasonable MATLAB practice.

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