PRAgMaTIc (Parallel anisotRopic Adaptive Mesh ToolkIt) provides 2D/3D anisotropic mesh adaptivity for meshes of simplexes. The target applications are finite element and finite volume methods although it can also be used as a lossy compression algorithm for 2 and 3D data (e.g. image compression). It takes as its input the mesh and a metric tensor field which encodes desired mesh element size anisotropically. The toolkit is written in C++ but also provides interfaces for Fortran. It has been integrated with FEniCS/Dolfin and integration with PETSc/DMPlex is planned. One of the design goals of PRAgMaTIc is to develop highly scalable algorithms for clusters of multi-core and many-core nodes. PRAgMaTIc uses OpenMP for thread parallelism and MPI for domain decomposition parallelisation.