inpaintBCT: Fast Image Inpainting Based on Coherence Transport. A well-posedness framework for inpainting based on coherence transport. In the paper the problem of well–posedness for some first order functional advection PDE on a compact domain with all inflow boundaries is studied. That equation describes some very efficient impainting method presented in [F. Bornemann and T. März, “Fast image inpainting based on coherence transport”, J. Math. Imaging Vision, 28 259–278 (2007)]. The method is based on coherence transport that reproduces and/or removes corrupted regions of an image. The image information is propagated along integral curves of a coherence vector field from the boundary toward the interiour. Some examples of impainting results are presented. The C ++ implementing Fast Impainting Based on Coherence Transport with a mex–interface to MATLAB and the impainting examples are available on the Internet under the links: and, respectively.