PHANSIM: a simulink toolkit for the sensable PHANToM haptic devices. The PHANToM devices (SensAble Technologies Inc., MA, USA) provide the users in industry and academia with an opportunity for research and education in virtual reality, haptics, robot motion control and teleoperation. Traditionally, one has to develop C/C++ codes using the OpenHaptics software development kit (SDK) in order to use these devices. The PHANSIM Toolkit is an academic/non-commercial Simul- ink toolkit for real-time motion control and teleoperation of the PHANToM haptic devices. This toolkit facilitates using the PHANToM haptic devices in Simulink. The usefulness of this toolkit is demonstrated through two illustrative experiments using two different types of PHANToM products, namely the Omni and the Premium 1.5 models.