Q-MAM: A MATLAB Toolbox for solving Infinite Queues using Matrix Analytic Methods (Download), this tools requires (both) SMCSolver tools above. This tool is composed of a set of MATLAB functions (i.e., .m files) to compute the queue length, waiting time and delay distribution of various queueing systems of infinite size. It includes amongst others implementations of the following queueing models both in discrete and continuous time: PH/PH/1, MAP/MAP/1, MAP/M/c, MAP/D/c, RAP/RAP/1, MMAP[K]/PH[K]/1, MMAP[K]/SM[K]/1, SM[K]/PH[K]/1. State-of-the-art solution techniques are used to solve these models effciently. When using this tool, please refer to the paper Q-MAM: A Tool for Solving Infinite Queues using Matrix-Analytic Methods, by J.F. Pérez, J. Van Velthoven and B. Van Houdt. Additional info on the tool is found in the paper.