Bond graph

Bond graph toolbox for handling complex variable. Bond graph is an apt modelling tool for any system working across multiple energy domains. Power electronics system modelling is usually the study of the interplay of energy in the domains of electrical, mechanical, magnetic and thermal. The usefulness of bond graph modelling in power electronic field has been realised by researchers. Consequently in the last couple of decades, there has been a steadily increasing effort in developing simulation tools for bond graph modelling that are specially suited for power electronic study. For modelling rotating magnetic fields in electromagnetic machine models, a support for vector variables is essential. Unfortunately, all bond graph simulation tools presently provide support only for scalar variables. We propose an approach to provide complex variable and vector support to bond graph such that it will enable modelling of polyphase electromagnetic and spatial vector systems. We also introduced a rotary gyrator element and use it along with the switched junction for developing the complex/vector variable/s toolbox. This approach is implemented by developing a complex S-function tool box in Simulink inside a MATLAB environment. This choice has been made so as to synthesise the speed of S-function, the user friendliness of Simulink and the popularity of MATLAB.

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