WebCarousel: automatic presentation and semantic restructuring of restructuring of web search result for mobile environments. In the present paper, we propose a new way of organizing Web search results and a way of viewing those results passively in the mobile environment which has limited display and limited interaction. The system makes a ’carousel’ of ’carousel components’, each of which consists of images and voice extracted from a searched Web page. The carousel components of a carousel are displayed automatically and repeatedly in the mobile environment. When a user issues a request during viewing a carousel component, the system automatically computes sets of similar, different, more-detailed, and more-summarized pages, which are also organized as carousels. We also describe our prototype system called WebCarousel. The characteristic of WebCarousel is as follows: (1) Web search results are shown by synthesized speech synchronized with related images in a repeated manner by carousels. (2) Dynamic reorganization of search results into carousels is done by discovering ’semantic’ relationships between Web pages