ZPLCLAW: A parallel portable toolkit for wave propagation problems. We describe the parallel implementation and performance of a general-purpose toolkit, ZPLCLAW, for solving wave propagation problems in 2 and 3 dimensions. The methods, developed originally in the Fortran CLAWPACK package, are based on solving Riemann problems, problems with piecewise constant initial data, at individual grid cells and propagating the resulting waves in multi-dimensional manner. The effectiveness and high-resolution features of these methods have been demonstrated in the CLAWPACK package. The toolkit is implemented in ZPL, a data parallel language that provides high-level support for operations on parallel arrays independent of the underlying communication libraries used. We demonstrate the performance of the toolkit on an elastic wave propagation problem arising in pavement engineering, and illustrate its scalable performance on the CRAY T3E and on a cluster of workstations. The toolkit ZPLCLAW is available on the web.

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