R package microplot: Use R Graphics Files as Microplots (Sparklines) in Tables in LaTeX or HTML Files, and Output Data.frames to Org-Mode. Prepare lists of R graphics files to be used as microplots (sparklines) in tables in either LaTeX or HTML files. For LaTeX use the Hmisc::latex() function or xtable::xtable() with Sweave, knitr, rmarkdown, or Emacs org-mode to construct latex tabular environments which include the graphs. For HTML files use either Emacs org-mode or the htmlTable::htmlTable() function to construct an HTML file containing tables which include the graphs. Examples are shown with lattice graphics, base graphics, and ggplot2 graphics. Examples for LaTeX include Sweave (both LaTeX-style and Noweb-style), knitr, emacs org-mode, and rmarkdown input files and their pdf output files. Examples for HTML include org-mode and Rmd input files and their webarchive HTML output files. In addition, the as.orgtable function can display a data.frame in an org-mode document.