The PROMETHEE project: A software environment for performing parametric computer simulations in dependability engineering. In carrying out its work, the IRSN performs many computer simulations in order to investigate all the possible scenarios associated with a given situation. Running and analysing such a large number of simulations requires parametric modelling software incorporating a high degree of traceability, quality and ergonomics. The Prométhée software environment was designed to meet this demand. The software includes an ergonomic graphical user interface to facilitate the control and operation of the computer codes via the network. Functions include: Remote execution of calculations on servers or clusters running the computer codes, regardless of their operating system or load manager. Setting the input parameters of the computer codes in order to limit the risks of error associated with this repetitive task. Dynamic distribution and parallel processing of calculations over all available computing resources. Archiving and traceability of all computations performed. Resistance to network faults.