R package genomicper. Circular genomic permutation approach uses GWAS results to establish the significance of pathway/gene-set associations whilst accounting for genomic structure. All SNPs in the GWAS are placed in a ’circular genome’ according to their location. Then the complete set of SNP association p-values are permuted by rotation with respect to the SNPs’ genomic locations. Two testing frameworks are available: permutations at the gene level, and permutations at the SNP level. The permutation at the gene level uses fisher’s combination test to calculate a single gene p-value, followed by the hypergeometric test. The SNP count methodology maps each SNP to pathways/gene-sets and calculates the proportion of SNPs for the real and the permutated datasets above a pre-defined threshold. Genomicper requires a matrix of GWAS association p-values. The SNPs annotation and pathways annotations can be performed within the package or provided by the user.

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