The goal of the JAXB project is to develop and evolve the code base for the Reference Implementation (RI) of JAXB, the Java Architecture for XML Binding. The JAXB specification is developed through the Java Community Process following the process described at jcp.org. This process involves an Expert Group with a lead that is responsible for delivering the specification, a reference implementation (RI) and a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). The primary goal of an RI is to support the development of the specification and to validate it. Specific RIs can have additional goals; the JAXB RI is a production-quality implementation that is used directly in a number of products by Oracle and other vendors. The JAXB expert group has wide industry participation with Oracle as the EG lead. The initial specification (JAXB 1.0) was JSR-31 and was released in March 2003.