HiPriority redefines the power and ease with which you can tackle Resource Allocation, Project Prioritisation and Design to best Value decisions. At its heart, a Benefit to Cost ratio is used to sort many possible options (projects/ objectives) into solutions, thus encouraging debate and choice amongst those involved so that the best portfolio can be found within the available budget. HiPriority was the world’s first product to allow accurate modeling of the consequences of interactions between options: Synergies are defined by modifying the effective cost or benefit of including two options in a solution; Dependencies and Exclusions between options to avoid impossible combinations; Multiple Buffers to see the effects of forcing options in (or out) of a solution. The combinations are endless but the powerful search engine will always take them into account to find the solutions with the greatest value. There are no behind the scenes rules; every control is represented by a visual object that can be inspected and modified in real time. Any possible solution can be viewed within the powerful inspection window, which allows immediate visual analysis and understanding of the changes.