GraphFitI – A computer program for graphical chain models. GraphFitI (Graphical models fitting interactions) is designed to fit a graphical model to a multivariate data set. For this purpose, it applies a data-driven selection strategy introduced by Cox and Wermuth (1996) which is based on a preliminary screening and different types of regression analyses depending on the measurement scale of the data. A help system which gives information about the handling of the program and about the theoretical background of graphical chain models is integrated in the program. GraphFitI is programmed in Java and runs under a Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Mac OS, or a UNIX-compatible operating system. At the moment, the program is in a preliminary stage since the graphical output is not fully implemented yet, but the strategy is running and results are written to a detailed textual result protocol. So, download your version of GraphFitI.

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