DICE2013R-mc: A Matlab / CasADi Implementation of Vanilla DICE 2013R. This brief document provides a description of how to use DICE2013R-mc cite{DICE2013R-mc}, a Matlab and CasADi-based implementation of the Dynamic Integrated model of Climate and Economy (DICE). DICE2013R-mc provides the same basic functionality as the GAMS code (A manual is available for DICE2013R DICEManual). However, the description of the model in the manual (DICEManual) differs in several respects from the available code (DICECode). As our aim is replicate the functionality of (DICECode, the description of the model is in reference to the implementation in (DICECode) rather than the description in (DICEManual). for DICE2013R as available at (DICECode).

Keywords for this software

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