DEMIURGE: A tool for the optimisation and the capacity assessment for railway infrastructure. Over the last few years, SNCF’s activities have considerably increased, and will increase more in the near future. So we forecast that the existing network will need to be used more and more and that the SNCF will need new infrastructure to be able to take into account the increased traffic: passenger trains and doubling of the freight traffic by 2010. The SNCF must therefore do capacity studies in order to work out what part of this extra traffic can be absorbed by the existing infrastructure and how much investment will be required on new infrastructure. The answers of these numerous studies must be quick and precise in order to convince the regional and national authorities, and the owner of the track RFF, that investing in the above development of the rail network will be a necessary and useful investment. In this context, the research and technology department is developing DEMIURGE, a tool to help the SNCF experts to perform studies on timetable optimisation and to measure the capacity of any one part of the rail network

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