PseKNC-General: a cross-platform package for generating various modes of pseudo nucleotide compositions. The avalanche of genomic sequences generated in the post-genomic age requires efficient computational methods for rapidly and accurately identifying biological features from sequence information. Towards this goal, we developed a freely available and open-source package, called PseKNC-General (the general form of pseudo k-tuple nucleotide composition), that allows for fast and accurate computation of all the widely used nucleotide structural and physicochemical properties of both DNA and RNA sequences. PseKNC-General can generate several modes of pseudo nucleotide compositions, including conventional k-tuple nucleotide compositions, Moreau–Broto autocorrelation coefficient, Moran autocorrelation coefficient, Geary autocorrelation coefficient, Type I PseKNC and Type II PseKNC. In every mode, >100 physicochemical properties are available for choosing. Moreover, it is flexible enough to allow the users to calculate PseKNC with user-defined properties. The package can be run on Linux, Mac and Windows systems and also provides a graphical user interface.