CuSPLIB: A Library of Single-Machine Cumulative Scheduling Problems. Consider the following optimization problem: we are given n jobs, a time horizon T, and one machine M with processing capacity Cap >= 2. Each job has a processing time (pj), release date (rj), due date (dj), machine utilization (cj), and weight (wj). We would like to schedule all the jobs on machine M while making sure that: (i) all jobs obey their execution window [rj,dj] (to a certain extent; see possible objectives), and (ii) we respect the machine capacity at all times (i.e., given a time 0 <= t <= T, the sum of cj over all jobs running at time t is always less than or equal to Cap). Possible objective functions are: minimize makespan, minimize total (weighted) tardiness, minimize total number of late jobs, minimize total (weighted) delay, etc.