EUROSTAG® is a software developed by Tractebel Engineering GDF SUEZ and RTE for accurate and reliable simulations of power systems dynamics. EUROSTAG® is used worldwide for studies, research, design and operational optimization by Transmission System Operators and Generation Companies, but also by consulting companies. The advanced dynamic functions of EUROSTAG® allow for the full range of transient, mid and long-term stability to be covered thanks to a robust algorithm using an auto-adaptative integration stepsize. Key to greater security and knowledge, EUROSTAG® provides distinctive features to help you analyze and solve a wide range of power system problems, from electromechanical oscillations to daily load evolution. The reliability of the product is the fruit of more than 20 years of continuous use and development. Open to import and export data in various international formats, the software is also renowned for its flexibility. Indeed, the user can directly access a vast library of power system models or modify them using a flexible graphical modelling language.

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