R package stpm. Utilities to estimate parameters of the models with survival functions induced by stochastic covariates. Miscellaneous functions for data preparation and simulation are also provided. For more information, see: (i) ”Life tables with covariates: Dynamic model for nonlinear analysis of longitudinal data” by Akushevich, I. et al. (2005), Mathematical Population Studies 12(2), 51(80), &lt;<a href=””>doi:10.1080/08898480590932296</a>&gt;; (ii) ”Stochastic model for analysis of longitudinal data on aging and mortality” by Yashin A. et al. (2007), Mathematical Biosciences, 208(2), 538-551, &lt;<a href=””>doi:10.1016/j.mbs.2006.11.006</a>&gt;; (iii) ”Health decline, aging and mortality: how are they related?” by Yashin A. et al. (2007), Biogerontology 8(3), 291(302), &lt;<a href=””>doi:10.1007/s10522-006-9073-3</a>&gt;.