R package T2EQ. Contains functions for applying the T^2-test for equivalence. The T^2-test for equivalence is a multivariate two-sample equivalence test. Distance measure of the test is the Mahalanobis distance. For multivariate normally distributed data the T^2-test for equivalence is exact and UMPI. The function T2EQ() implements the T^2-test for equivalence according to Wellek (2010) &lt;<a href=”http://dx.doi.org/10.1201/ebk1439808184”>doi:10.1201/ebk1439808184</a>&gt;. The function T2EQ.dissolution.profiles.hoffelder() implements a variant of the T^2-test for equivalence according to Hoffelder (2016) &lt;http://www.ecv.de/suse_item.php?suseId=Z|pi|8430&gt; for the equivalence comparison of highly variable dissolution profiles.

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