BrainWeb: Online Interface to a 3D MRI Simulated Brain Database. ntroduction: The increased importance of automated computer techniques for anatomical brain mapping from MR images and quantitative brain image analysis methods leads to an increased need for validation and evaluation of the effect of image acquisition parameters on performance of these procedures. Validation of analysis techniques of in-vivo acquired images is complicated due to the lack of reference data (”ground truth”). Also, optimal selection of the MR imaging parameters is difficult due to the large parameter space. BrainWeb makes available to the neuroimaging community, online on WWW, a set of realistic simulated brain MR image volumes (Simulated Brain Database, SBD) that allows the above issues to be examined in a controlled, systematic way. Methods: The 3D simulated MR images are generated by varying specific imaging parameters and artifacts in an MRI simulator, which: ffl starts from a fuzzy digital phantom containing the spatial pro.

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