NAT2TEST (NATural language requirements to TEST cases) is a completely automatic strategy for generation of test cases from natural language requirements, which might consider discrete or continuous temporal properties. Automation is essential for this task, since we cannot expect that practitioners will always have formal modelling knowledge. Automation also allows an early application of formal methods within the software development process. This strategy is particularly tailored for reactive systems whose behaviour can be described as actions that should be taken when particular conditions are met. Test cases are generated possibly using commercial tools (like T-VEC and RT-Tester) or based on a formal conformance relation using tools like FDR and Z3, in which case the test generation is proved sound. The NAT2TEST tool, which supports the strategy with same name, is written in Java, and its Graphical User Interface (GUI) is built using the Eclipse RCP framework. The tool can be easily installed and runs on multiple platforms.

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