WBMOAIS: A novel artificial immune system for multiobjective optimization. This study presents a novel weight-based multiobjective artificial immune system (WBMOAIS) based on opt-aiNET, the artificial immune system algorithm for multi-modal optimization. The proposed algorithm follows the elementary structure of opt-aiNET, but has the following distinct characteristics: (1) a randomly weighted sum of multiple objectives is used as a fitness function. The fitness assignment has a much lower computational complexity than that based on Pareto ranking, (2) the individuals of the population are chosen from the memory, which is a set of elite solutions, and a local search procedure is utilized to facilitate the exploitation of the search space, and (3) in addition to the clonal suppression algorithm similar to that used in opt-aiNET, a new truncation algorithm with similar individuals (TASI) is presented in order to eliminate similar individuals in memory and obtain a well-distributed spread of non-dominated solutions. The proposed algorithm, WBMOAIS, is compared with the vector immune algorithm (VIS) and the elitist non-dominated sorting genetic system (NSGA-II) that are representative of the state-of-the-art in multiobjective optimization metaheuristics. Simulation results on seven standard problems (ZDT6, SCH2, DEB, KUR, POL, FON, and VNT) show WBMOAIS outperforms VIS and NSGA-II and can become a valid alternative to standard algorithms for solving multiobjective optimization problems.