Handling big data of online social networks on a small machine. Dealing with big data in computational social networks may require powerful machines, big storage, and high bandwidth, which may seem beyond the capacity of small labs. We demonstrate that researchers with limited resources may still be able to conduct big-data research by focusing on a specific type of data. In particular, we present a system called MPT (microblog processing toolkit) for handling big volume of microblog posts with commodity computers, which can handle tens of millions of micro posts a day. MPT supports fast search on multiple keywords and returns statistical results. We describe in this paper the architecture of MPT for data collection and stat search for returning search results with statistical analysis. We then present different indexing mechanisms and compare them on the micro posts we collected from popular social network sites in China.

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  1. Jia, Ming; Wang, Jie: Handling big data of online social networks on a small machine (2014) ioport