MRAG-I2D: multi-resolution adapted grids for remeshed vortex methods on multicore architectures. We present MRAG-I2D, an open source software framework, for multiresolution simulations of two-dimensional, incompressible, viscous flows on multicore architectures. The spatiotemporal scales of the flow field are captured by remeshed vortex methods enhanced by high order average-interpolating wavelets and local time-stepping. The multiresolution solver of the Poisson equation relies on the development of a novel, tree-based multipole method. MRAG-I2D implements a number of HPC strategies to map efficiently the irregular computational workload of wavelet-adapted grids on multicore nodes. The capabilities of the present software are compared to the current state-of-the-art in terms of accuracy, compression rates and time-to-solution. Benchmarks include the inviscid evolution of an elliptical vortex, flow past an impulsively started cylinder at Re=40−40000 and simulations of self-propelled anguilliform swimmers. The results indicate that the present software has the same or better accuracy than state-of-the-art solvers while it exhibits unprecedented performance in terms of time-to-solution.