Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is becoming an increasingly popular management tool. Questions about it have cropped up recently in the sci.op-research newsgroup but nothing underlines this fact more than the fact that it was featured in a recent issue of Fortune magazine (10/31/94, p.38). Groups such as the Productivity Analysis Research Network (PARN ) and others have supported DEA and other techniques but there hasn’t been a central WWW link. This WWW page is meant to be a basic introduction to DEA and link to other WWW resources. This introduction focuses more on gaining an intuitive understanding of DEA than mathematical rigor because of the varying backgrounds of the readers. Later versions may include more in the way of mathematics and advanced topics in DEA. People already proficient with DEA may find the links to other DEA related Internet sites useful. Eventually I may also add a calendar of events related to DEA.

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