jSMTLIB: Tutorial, validation and adapter tools for SMT-LIBv2. The SMT-LIB standard defines an input format and response requirements for Satisfiability-Modulo-Theories automated reasoning tools. The standard has been an incentive to improving and comparing the increasing supply of SMT solvers. It could also be more widely used in applications, providing a uniform interface and portability across different SMT tools. This tool paper describes a tutorial and accompanying software package, jSMTLIB, that will help users of SMT solvers understand and apply the newly revised SMT-LIB format; the tutorial also describes fine points of the SMT-LIB format which, along with a compliance suite, will be useful to SMT implementors. Finally, the tool suite includes adapters that allow using some older solvers, such as Simplify, as SMT-LIB compliant tools.

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