Verics (VerICS) is our original tool for automated verification of Timed Automata and protocols written in a subset of the specification language Estelle, developed as a part of the research project Automated Verification of Time Dependent Systems held in the Institute of Computer Science of Polish Academy of Sciences (ICS PAS). As an input for Verics, an Estelle specification, a specification in our original intermediate language (IL), or Timed Automata in the Kronos-like format can be used. A specification can be translated to timed automata, which are passed to other Verics components. for examples of inputs see here For today, reachability analysis is available. For disproving safety properties, a new efficient method consisting in translating the reachability problem for Timed Automata to the satisfiability problem of propositional formulas (SAT-problem) is used. For proving correctness, an (on-the-fly) reachability analysis on an abstract model of the system is performed.

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