Tmod: toolbox of motif discovery. Summary: Motif discovery is an important topic in computational transcriptional regulation studies. In the past decade, many researchers have contributed to the field and many de novo motif-finding tools have been developed, each may have a different strength. However, most of these tools do not have a user-friendly interface and their results are not easily comparable. We present a software called Toolbox of Motif Discovery (Tmod) for Windows operating systems. The current version of Tmod integrates 12 widely used motif discovery programs: MDscan, BioProspector, AlignACE, Gibbs Motif Sampler, MEME, CONSENSUS, MotifRegressor, GLAM, MotifSampler, SeSiMCMC, Weeder and YMF. Tmod provides a unified interface to ease the use of these programs and help users to understand the tuning parameters. It allows plug-in motif-finding programs to run either separately or in a batch mode with predetermined parameters, and provides a summary comprising of outputs from multiple programs. Tmod is developed in C++ with the support of Microsoft Foundation Classes and Cygwin. Tmod can also be easily expanded to include future algorithms. Availability: Tmod is available for download at∼junliu/Tmod/

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