We describe an environment for distributed computing that uses the concept of well-known paradigms. The main advantage of paradigmoriented distributed computing (PODC) is that the user only needs to specify application-specific sequential code, while the underlying infrastructure takes care of the parallelization anddistribution. The main features of the proposedapproach, calledPODC, are the following: (1) It is intendedfor loosely couplednetwork environments, not specializedmultiprocessors; (2) it is basedon an infrastructure of mobile agents; (3) it supports programming in C, rather than a functional or special-purpose language, and(4) it provides an interactive graphics interface through which programs are constructed, invoked, and monitored. We discuss five paradigms presently supported in PODC: the bag-of-tasks, branch-and-bound search, genetic rogramming, finite difference, and individual-based simulation. We demonstrate their use, implementation, and performance within the mobile agent-based PODC environment.

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