MSCPDL -- a language for behavioural abstraction Distributed systems consist of a set of processes. These processes cooperate for a common goal through the use of a communication medium. Gaining an understanding of how a distributed system works is often difficult and complex. This complexity is introduced by the communication in the system because it is necessary to understand both the single processes and how it interacts with the rest of the system.par A method for presenting the complexity of a distributed system is the use of Message Sequence Charts (MSC). A MSC gives a graphical presentation of a single execution of a distributed system. Even with this restriction, MSCs easily grow large and incomprehensible. This motivates the need for tools that allow developers to analyze MSCs.par This paper presents two main results from a project dedicated to building a tool for analyzing MSCs. The aim of the tool was to reduce the complexity of extracting information from a MSC. The first main result is a formal description of MSCs. The second result is a language for describing patterns in a MSC. The tool has been realized in a prototype implementation.

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