ARTCP: Efficient algorithm for transport protocol for packet switched networks. We propose a new algorithm (ARTCP) for transport protocols of packet switching networks. ARTCP uses scheduling mechanism to smoothly transmit data flow, and does not cause network overload, because it considers temporal characteristics of the flow to self adjust to the available network capacity. ARTCP utilizes inter-segment spacing and round trip time measurements to control the rate of the flow. In order to study of the characteristics of the ARTCP protocol we have developed and coded imitational programmable model, which is a universal tool for studying processes occurring in communication networks. Built with object-oriented principles, this model allows building simulation network topology of great complexity and setting various environments for simulation experiments. Results of our simulation studies, performed with ARTCP, on our model display substantial advantages, which ARTCP has over standard TCP algorithms. Statistical analysis of ARTCP traffic traces yields the self-similar property of ARTCP traffic, which is in line with other studies of traffic traces in network systems

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