MEMOIR -- an open framework for enhanced navigation of distributed information. In large companies, whose business is critically dependent on the effectiveness of their R&D function, the provision of effective means to access and share all forms of technical information is an acute problem. It is often easier to repeat an activity than it is to determine whether work has been carried out before. In this paper we present experiences in implementing and evaluating the MEMOIR system. MEMOIR is an open framework, i.e., it is extensible and adaptable to an organization’s infrastructure and applications, and it provides its user interface via standard Web browsers. It uses trails, open hypermedia link services and a set of software agents to assist users in accessing and navigating vast amounts of information in Intranet environments. Additionally, MEMOIR exploits trail data to support users in finding colleagues with similar interests. The MEMOIR system has been installed and evaluated by two end-user organizations. This paper describes the results obtained in this evaluation.