jsfs: A (small) filesystem stored in the browser’s LocalStorage. If you’re writing a client-side app, you may want to give the user a virtual filesystem in which to store the data they create in the app. Users are accustomed to files and folders, so this provides them. Note that this project does not provide any UI; it is exclusively the backend. Present lists of files and folders to your user in whatever UI your project already uses. The goal is to have this tool work in any browser, which is why it uses LocalStorage. (IndexedDB does not work in Mobile Safari and is not actually persistent in Chrome.) Thus we create a filesystem in LocalStorage, which has a maximum size of 5MB (or 2.5MB, depending on the browser). So far I’ve only run the test suite in desktop Chrome. If you’re looking for something that can handle more than 5MB, you should try filer.js instead, but it is based on IndexedDB, with the limitations listed above.

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