Large Infrastructure in Mathematics - Enhanced Services (LIMES). Zentralblatt MATH is the most comprehensive and traditional database providing information on publications in mathematics. With a variety of user-friendly facilities, which are associated with the search menu of the web version, it provides a large infrasfructure for research and education in mathematics and its applications. Combined access to Zentralblatt MATH and related services is given through the European Mathematical Information Service EMIS, which is a co-operation between several partners worldwide under the umbrella of the European Mathematical Society EMS. Supporting the installation of a more European platform for Zentralblatt MATH the project LIMES deals with the enhancement of Zentralblatt MATH to a European database in mathematics and with the prototype for a framework to distribute the editorial work to a European network. The aim of this article is to describe the offers of Zentralblatt and their integration in EMIS. It will give a status report on LIMES and an idea of future actions for the implementation of the LIMES results in a European network.

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