ROOM-BRIDGE: Vertically configurable network architecture and real-time middleware for interoperability between ubiquitous consumer devices in the home. This research focuses on the development of a generic home network architecture and related middleware for supporting interoperability between ubiquitous consumer devices and computing devices in the home. In order to build a practical home network, design criteria are discussed, including real-time constraints and interoperability between heterogeneous protocols. As a result, a vertically configurable home network architecture and real-time middleware, called ROOM-BRIDGE, are presented that meet the design criteria. ROOM-BRIDGE is specially designed and implemented using an IEEE1394 backbone network to provide the proposed network architecture with a guarantee of seamless and reliable communication between heterogeneous sub-networks and ubiquitous devices in the home. The performance of the proposed network architecture and ROOM-BRIDGE was verified by prototype implementation and testing using a home network test bed