The development of free engineering software package for numerical simulation of hydrodynamics, heat transfer, and chemical reaction processes. Krasnoyarsk Subsidiary of Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS and the Department of Thermophysics of the Siberian Federal University are developing a freely distributable “SigmaFW” software package for numerical simulation of the hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer problems. It is assumed that the software package will be used in scientific and educational institutions as well as industrial enterprises in Russian Federation. Mathematical models realized in the software package describe steady and unsteady laminar and turbulent single- and multicomponent flow taking into account the dispersed phase, the conjugate and radiative heat transfer, and homogeneous gas-phase chemical reactions. The ”SigmaFW” contains the necessary tools for building numerical domains, carrying out multi-threaded calculation, and visual analysis of the results. The article describes the three main blocks of software package: the grid generator, calculation module and analysis of the results. In additition, a number of test and application tasks are presented to demonstrate the capabilities of the software.