MIBA: A micro-benchmark suite for evaluating infiniband architecture implementations. Recently, InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) has been proposed as the next generation interconnect for I/O and inter-process communication. The main idea behind this industry standard is to use a scalable switched fabric to design the next generation clusters and servers with high performance and scalability. This architecture provides various types of new mechanisms and services (such as multiple transport services, RDMA and atomic operations, multicast support, service levels, and virtual channels). These services are provided by components (such as queue pairs, completion queue, and virtual-to-physical address translations) and their attributes. Different implementation choices of IBA may lead to different design strategies for efficient implementation of higher level communication layer/libraries (such as Message Passing Interface (MPI), sockets, and distributed shared memory). It also has an impact on the performance of applications. Currently there is no framework for evaluating different design choices and for obtaining insights about the design choices made in a particular implementation of IBA. In this paper we address these issues by proposing a new micro-benchmark suite (MIBA) to evaluate the InfiniBand architecture implementations. MIBA consists of several micro-benchmarks which are divided into two major categories: non-data transfer related micro-benchmarks and data transfer related micro-benchmarks. By using the new micro-benchmark suite, the performance of IBA implementations can be evaluated under different communication scenarios, and also with respect to the implementation of different components and attributes of IBA. We demonstrate the use of MIBA to evaluate the second generation IBA adapters from Mellanox Technologies.

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