NMHDECAY 2.1: An updated program for sparticle masses, Higgs masses, couplings and decay widths in the NMSSM. We describe the improved properties of the NMHDECAY program, that is designed to compute Higgs and sparticle masses and Higgs decay widths in the NMSSM. In the version 2.0, Higgs decays into squarks and sleptons are included, accompanied by a calculation of the squark, gluino and slepton spectrum and tests against constraints from LEP and the Tevatron. Further radiative corrections are included in the Higgs mass calculation. A link to MicrOMEGAs allows to compute the dark matter relic density, and a rough (lowest order) calculation of BR(b→sγ) is performed. Finally, version 2.1 allows to integrate the RGEs for the soft terms up to the GUT scale. (Source: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/)

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