SIMCOS (an acronym standing for SIMulation of COntinuous Systems) is a computer language and a development environment for computer simulation. In 1989 it was developed by Slovenian experts led by Borut Zupančič. The purpose of the language is simulation of dynamic mathematical models of systems, given as set of ordinary differential equations. It is an equation oriented and compiler type of language. Despite its name it can be used for discrete simulation as well. The language suits well to the CSSL’67 standard of simulation languages so portability among other languages conforming to the same standard (e.g. Tutsim, ACSL etc.) is quite simple. It is a DOS based software occasionally it is slightly modified so it can be run under actual versions of Microsoft Windows. Apart from the simulation itself it can also perform parametrisation (a series of simulations with different values of parameters), linearisation of models and optimisation (finding such values of parameters that a criterion function is minimised).

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