Our current automated deduction system Otter is designed to prove theorems stated in first-order logic with equality. Otter’s inference rules are based on resolution and paramodulation, and it includes facilities for term rewriting, term orderings, Knuth-Bendix completion, weighting, and strategies for directing and restricting searches for proofs. Otter can also be used as a symbolic calculator and has an embedded equational programming system. Otter is a fourth-generation Argonne National Laboratory deduction system whose ancestors (dating from the early 1960s) include the TP series, NIUTP, AURA, and ITP. Currently, the main application of Otter is research in abstract algebra and formal logic. Otter and its predecessors have been used to answer many open questions in the areas of finite semigroups, ternary Boolean algebra, logic calculi, combinatory logic, group theory, lattice theory, and algebraic geometry. Note: Otter/Mace2 are no longer being actively developed, and maintenance and support minimal. We recommend using Otter/Mace2’s successor Prover9/Mace4 instead.

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