HaExcel is a framework to manipulate, transform and query spreadsheets. It is implemented in Haskell and consists of the following parts: Library: A generic/reusable library to map spreadsheets into relational database models and back: This library contains an algebraic data type to model a (generic) spreadsheet and functions to transform it into a relational model and vice versa. Such functions implement the refinement rules introduced in the paper From Spreadsheets to Relational Databases and Back. The library includes two code generator functions: one that produces the SQL code to create and populate the database, and a function that generates Excel/Gnumeric code to map the database back into a spreadsheet. A MySQL database can also be created and manipulated using this library under HaskellDB. The API of HaExcel can be downloaded here. Front-ends: A front-end to read spreadsheets in the Excel and Gnumeric formats: The front-end reads spreadsheets in portable XML documents using the UMinho Haskell Libraries. We reuse the spatial logic algorithms from the UCheck project to discover the tables stored in the spreadsheet. Tools: Two spreadsheet tools: A batch (compilable from the sources) and an online tool (here) that allows the users to read, transform, refactor and query spreadsheets.

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