A linear implementation of PACMAN PACMAN (Passive and Active Compensability Multicriteria ANalysis) is a multiple criteria methodology based on a decision maker oriented notion of compensation, called compensability. A basic step of PACMAN is the construction of compensatory functions, which model intercriteria relations for each pair of criteria on the basis of compensability. In this paper we examine a simplified version of PACMAN, which uses the so-called linear compensatory functions and consistently reduces the overall complexity of its implementation in practical cases. We use Mathematica ® to develop a computer-aided graphical interface that eases the interaction among the actors of the decision process at each stage of PACMAN. We also propose the possibility to perform a sensitivity analysis in this simplified version of PACMAN as a nonlinear optimization problem.

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  1. Angilella, Silvia; Giarlotta, Alfio; Lamantia, Fabio: A linear implementation of PACMAN (2010)